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The YogiDetox Transformation with Grace Edison

The YogiDetox experience is one that involves complex emotions and challenges. While its rewards can be astounding, it is definitely not an easy journey. Grace Edison explains that before her detoxing experiences, she was not in touch with her emotions and their influence over her actions. Subconsciously experiencing an emotional trigger would lead to her eating comfort food without understanding why.A detox from things we are addicted to can aid us in realizing why we actually seek these comforts in the first place.Grace and Carly discuss that YogiDetox is not...

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Ayurveda, Self Love, and Deep Nourishment with Talya Lutzker

I have an inspiring conversation today with Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of the Nourishment School, Talya Lutzker, about Ayurveda, nourishment, support, and self-love.We rap about shedding outdated habits and perspectives by adding in more of what we desire, rather than taking away that which we need less of. We discuss deep nourishment and how it shifts our minds and bodies and allows us to be available for next big change or growth period in our lives. We talk about slowing down in order to fully receive from a more...

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Intermittent Fasting, Detoxing and the Ayurvedic Clock

Today Alex and Biondo and I rap about intermittent fasting, bi-annual detoxing, and why these methods are so important in keeping us healthy, clear, and vibrant.  Intermittent fasting, a tool historically rooted in ancient wisdom traditions, orients us towards biological efficiencies by taking the stress and overload of food off our metaphorical plate.  It allows us to have more time to process food, emotions, and experiences and gives our bodies a slower, cleaner burn. Learn to use your body as a science experiment. Play with intermittent fasting and detoxing to...

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