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5 Steps to Your Reset

A Reset mode is a lovely time out. Often we wait until we’re sick to take time out of life. This sets up a pattern that feeds the disease process. Instead, we can train ourselves to crave a seasonal time out. When we take time out twice a year to slow down, to rejuvenate, to heal, to reset, we give ourselves a chance to update our habits in line with who we want to be now. And, we update our habits in line with who we want to become. ...

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Purge Your Home

Purging: Clear Out the Stagnant to Awaken your next revolution Hot topics in this episode of the Yogahealer Real Life Show are:Cate's living foods apple + sprouted buckwheat granola recipe Interview with Feng Shui + Yoga expert, Tenaya Kolar, about how to purge your home, and the concept of cleaning up your physical space when you clean your body Q+A with Cailaiya:  Eczema from an Ayurvedic perspectiveIn the Purge Your Home interview you learn how to:Complement and support your physical cleanse with a clear out of your space Seize the energetic potential of the time of year Use the process of purging to...

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