5 Steps to Your Reset

5 Steps to Your Reset

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A Reset mode is a lovely time out.

Often we wait until we’re sick to take time out of life. This sets up a pattern that feeds the disease process. Instead, we can train ourselves to crave a seasonal time out.
When we take time out twice a year to slow down, to rejuvenate, to heal, to reset, we give ourselves a chance to update our habits in line with who we want to be now. And, we update our habits in line with who we want to become.

When we don’t take the time out to simplify how we live, what we eat, what we do in our everyday habits, we perpetuate whatever pattern we are in.  We often unconsciously go in whatever direction that pattern leads.

This is your chance to press pause.

To enter reset mode you start to slow down. You start to simplify. You go to bed earlier. You cut back on media input. You keep silent more. You take quiet walks. You prepare simple, nourish foods for yourself. You say “no” to that which pulls you away from center. You say, “yes” to that which brings you towards center. 

We allow this time to be different. We will start to feel more subtle, more sensitive, more aware. We make time for reflection, for rest, for the deeper more quiet pleasures in life

Step 1: Schedule your Reset.

If it’s not on the schedule, everything else will get in the way. Detoxing twice a year is a habit that will align your body with your heart’s desires. Make it a priority. Get it on the schedule. Protect that time as YOURS.

Step 2: Plan Your (semi) Liquid Food Menu

Fresh smoothies, juices, broth, soups are best.  Lots of leafy greens. Stews, salads, sauerkraut. Simple food combinations. Space your meals and sip hot water, lemon water or spice water in between. K.I.S.S. Use the Weekly Meal Planner.

Step 3: Start on the Outside: Purge

Start purging your kitchen, your closet, your garage, your emotional baggage… Let it happen. Let your enlightened self choose that which is fit for your future. 

Step 4: Slow Down

Under-schedule. Block out free time. Go to bed early. Watch clouds go by. Meditate. Yoke body with breath. Yoke body with spirit. Yoke mind with higher mind. Deep rest. Quiet time. Put a vicious watchdog on your calendar and protect the process of going within to let go. 

Step 5:  Awaken your hunger

You have a fire in your belly named Agni. To detox you need to get in touch with your hunger. Yo don’t need to starve yourself. Let agni lead the process of incinerating that which is within you that need not be. Make friends with your belly fire. Let ‘er burn. Physical toxins. Emotional toxins. Thought toxins. 


Slipping into Reset mode

Entering a detox is only difficult when we make it so. 

Slip into detox mode following a 2 steps:

Clarify your why.

Write it down. Why are you here reading this? What are you hoping for? Writ it down. Then,  Merge identify  1 specific and actionable sentence. Reread your WHY a few times a day.

Add in good instead of taking out bad.

If you want to reduce the amount of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, or sugar you are consuming, don’t focus on it. Instead, focus on adding in more water, more green juices, more walks, more vegetables, more meditation.

Remind yourself of your WHY. Watch inspiring detox stories on YouTube. The first 3-5 days are usually the most challenging, as your body starts to shift metabolisms. Your metabolism shifts from ordinary metabolism into detox metabolism. These are 2 very different internal states.

Most people think the detox is all about particular foods. I’ve found that there are many ways to detox with dietary changes. I’m always experimenting to see what I’m attracted to now… to see what works better.

Based on this basic philosophy, I give you many options of time-tested detox diets. I recommend you pick one and stick with it… not switching part way through.

The Yogidetox is much more than dietary changes that support higher consciousness. It’s about making a few weeks different. It’s about shifting not only your physical metabolism, but also your mental and emotional metabolisms into detox mode.

After a reset or detox you won’t be attracted to the same things.

Give yourself as much space as possible for this process. That might mean keeping your schedule quiet open. It might mean having the freedom to go to bed as earlier as you desire.. without the feeling that you should be getting something else done.

Enjoy your reset.

Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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