5 of My Favorite Yogidetox Books

5 of My Favorite Yogidetox Books

Twice a year since 2002, without fail, I lead a group cleanse, based on the seasonal wisdom of Ayurveda. Over the years I've amassed books on the topic of detox. Of the dozens of books I've read a few I use more than others. I've selected 5 that I'm recommending for my Yogidetoxers right now. Read below and I'll tell you why I've selected that book in particular.


1.  The Seasonal Detox Diet: 
Remedies from the Ancient Cookfire

If there is 1 resource I use with every Yogidetox, it's The Seasonal Detox Diet. Back in 2002, Carrie L'Esperance wrote this planetary wisdom guide for detoxing. If there is one author I've learned the most from, it's Carrie. While Carrie is not “Ayurvedic” by training she explains the concepts, processes, and procedures of seasonal detox better than most Ayurvedic practitioners I've encountered over my 20 year career. Her desire to experiment with her body and gather wisdom from around the planet is unprecedented. If you are a seasonal detoxer, add this reference book to your shelf, and pull it down at the first hint of the change of seasons.


2. Raw and Simple Detox:
A Delicious Body Reboot for Health, Energy, and Weight Loss

I, too, have a few shelves of cookbooks. Many of them are uber-healthy detox cookbooks. I have a special shelf of detox cookbooks. I've selected this as my new favorite detox recipe book. In part I've selected it simply because it's new, partly because it's innovative, and partly because Judita does a lovely job with a recipe book. Detoxing should be simple. I personally enjoy a spring detox with a raw-focus. Thus, it makes the list.


3. Body Thrive
Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga

Is this shameless self-promotion? Maybe. But more than that, Body Thrive is the only book based in Ayurveda that is based on the habits of yogis and behavioral science. If you want to detox you need to adopt the everyday habits of a detoxed life. Until someone writes a better book than I have on this particular aspect of detox, I'm keeping this on the list. LOL.


4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
For Your House, Clothes, Books, Papers + Stuff:

In the October 2015 Yogidetox this global bestseller was required reading. The result? Hundreds of Yogidetoxers from around our planet went through an inner and outer cleanse. Marie Kondo, a space-decluttering diva and former Shinto temple priestess, shows us how to truly command the kind of space we want to create in our homes, down to the last paperclip. When I first read this book in May 2015 it fulfilled it's promise. It changed my life. Within a month of working her process I purchased a piece of land for my husband to build our next home. I had no idea I even wanted to move when I picked up the book. My life, my home, and our family spaces are more aligned than I'd ever thought possible.


5. The Prime
Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss

My Yogidetox attracts people of all levels of wellness. We have ultra-fit yoga teachers alongside their sisters who are twice their bodyweight. We have peeps with autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, chronic and degenerative diseases. We have people in pain alongside people on the cutting edge of wellness evolution moving into new levels of subtle body awakening. I wanted a book for the people in pain. The people who show up inflamed, diseased, and discouraged. The Prime is for those of us who want access to Ayurveda from a modern pain-cave of a body experience.


My top five books for Yogidetoxers is by no means final and definitive. However, it is innovative and truly the top 5 books I want my members to use as reference tools to help guide them into their next identity. You see, detoxing or cleansing should penetrate every cell of our being through to our level of consciousness. If we don't emerge a more integrated, upleveled, intelligent, conscious version of ourself, than it hasn't been a yogi-type detox. It's been something, but not that.

I'd love to hear in your comments which books are your stand-bys for your seasonal cleanses, rejuvenations, and detoxes.


Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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