Purge Your Home

Purge Your Home

Purging: Clear Out the Stagnant to Awaken your next revolution

Hot topics in this episode of the Yogahealer Real Life Show are:

  • Cate’s living foods apple + sprouted buckwheat granola recipe
  • Interview with Feng Shui + Yoga expert, Tenaya Kolar, about how to purge your home, and the concept of cleaning up your physical space when you clean your body
  • Q+A with Cailaiya:  Eczema from an Ayurvedic perspective

In the Purge Your Home interview you learn how to:

  • Complement and support your physical cleanse with a clear out of your space
  • Seize the energetic potential of the time of year
  • Use the process of purging to look at what fills you with joy versus what you are attached to
  • Move things out of your life as a way to create space for new opportunities

Question for the Episode: How can Ayurveda help my Eczema?

  • Ayurveda looks at the condition as part of you as a whole not in isolation from you
  • How is your dominant Dosha showing up as an expression of the condition
  • Depending on your particular expression of the disease, think about using herbs to support you on your journey to health. Check out; Banyan Botanicals
  • Look at your root cause
  • Consider clearing the decks with a detox. Check out my Yogidetox

Apple and Granola Buckwheat

  • 3 cups of sprouted buckwheat
  • 1 cup of pitted soaked dates
  • 2 apples
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • Squeeze of lime

Soak your buckwheat overnight. Rinse and drain. Spread out on a flat container to sprout. Leave for 12 hours, shaking a couple of times during that time. Your buckwheat will develop a small tail.

Make sure all stones are removed from your dates. Place them in a food processor and use an S blade to process until your dates turn into a paste.

Chop/ grate your apples finely by hand or use the food processor.

Combine buckwheat apples and dates and add your spices. I’ve suggested lime and cinnamon.  You can add salt or maple syrup if you would like something sweeter. Alter to taste.

Place all ingredients on a tray and place in a dehydrator, if you have one,  overnight. If you don’t have a dehydrator you can dry out your Granola overnight using the lowest setting of your oven. Your end product granola should be crunchy but not overly dry. Store your Granola in an airtight container.

Favorite Quotes

“Naturally when we cleanse our bodies, we want to cleanse our environment.”  Cate Stillman

“You need to take ownership of your space” Tenaya

“If your story is ‘I might need this when…’ What happens is, you are telling your future self that you are not going to be supported!” Tenaya

“Every object has a vibration.” Tenaya

“Every object has collected the energy of people around it.” Tenaya

“Why your clutter might be increasing your waistline…”


16.00 People who hold onto extra stuff often hold onto extra pounds.

19.05 How much is enough? Clearing out brings up fears. But clearing out makes it clear exactly what you need. It’s not the number but surrounding yourself with what brings you joy.

21.15 When you go through things, what you might find is that suddenly you have enough space for everything.

21.25 The process of making space is a process of welcoming new opportunity into your life.




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