Top 5 Yogahealer Podcast Episodes of Q2 2017

Top 5 Yogahealer Podcast Episodes of Q2 2017

First off, thank you all for the lovely feedback on the Dream videos. I’m glad I was able to create a powerful experience and that the 7 Chakras, 7 Capacities video was a hit. If you haven't watched the free video training you can access it here. 
In the meanwhile, we’ve had some great shows on the podcast. Here are the top 5 podcast episodes for the past 2 months, with Donna Farhi’s episode blowing the rest out of the water. If you missed her second episode Core Strength from a Centered Body with Donna Farhi, it’s based on her new book.

1. Donna Farhi on Teaching + Practicing Yoga

Every now and then we have a true modern guru on the Yogahealer show. (The rest of us i like to call  “good hacks”, and I lovingly place myself in the latter
category.) On today’s show we are blessed with the presence of Donna Farhi – who tends not to make it onto the www much

2. Ancient Ayurvedic Superfoods for Biohackers, ultra athletes and yogis with Joel Einhorn

Joel is making Ayurvedic formulas, traditionally prepared, hip to the world of western Biohackers, ultra athletes and yogis. Based on an
intersection on
Chavanprash (an ayurvedic brain optimizing formula first documents in  the Charaka Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise[3] from the early first millennium BCE.


3. The Mystical Powers of Your Internal Organs, A Chinese Medicine Perspective with Brodie Welch


In this episode with Brodie Welch, We get into the historic Confucian names and
nicknames for the organs with a
capital O. In grasping the insight from the nickname as well as the order of command we connect deeper into our own integrated experience as a human with a body.

4. History, Politics, Justice + the Evolution of our Collective Needs with Rick Hanson


I got to drill Rick Hanson on what is happening behind the s
cenes in our species evolution with collective leadership.  For those who don’t
know Rick – you should. And you should listen. I took 4 pages of notes during the interview.


5. The Dharma of Ayurvedic Medicine Making with Todd Caldecott


 Todd recently returned from taking a group to Nepal to study the Vajracharya tradition of Ayurveda. Vajracharya, and the transmission of Ayurveda as an
expression of their Buddhist vow to alleviate suffering. Ever since, the
Vajracharya lineage has maintained their original vows and served their community as skilled physicians, never once charging for a medical consultation

Who do you want on next?
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