Take back your time. Your space. 

Your light. 

Your flow. 

Step deeper into your dharma. 

Hit your own targets.

Awaken your dream and release your untapped potential with this FREE video training.

A gift for you from Cate Stillman, founder of Yogahealer

"I know you have a deeper dream, you have untapped powers, in this free training you'll uplevel your skills and powers to make the next level of your potential real."

In these free video series I'm gifting you a behind the scenes training of the 5 elements so you can deepen your inner rhythm, so you can take back your time, so you can unleash your flow, raise your vibration and refine your experience in your day to day life. You can ground your power and you can also awaken your dharma at the next level.

Experience the awakening of your deeper dream!

5 Element Core Competencies

Go through the step-by-step process on how to awaken your dream

How do you realize your potential?

How do you make it real?

In this innovative free training with yogini business maven, 

Cate Stillman, you will awaken your deeper dream & 

get the skills you need to make it real.

The core competencies of Awake Living hold the key. You can live your life in your deep rhythm

You can nourish your glow, ignite your sparkle, and empower your deeper dharma.

  1. Deepen your inner rhythm.
  2. Take back your time.
  3. Raise + refine your vibration.
  4. Unleash your flow.
  5. Ground your power.
  6. Awaken your dharma.

6 Reasons to Start your Awake Living
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About Your Guide

Cate founded Yogahealer.com in 2001, Yoga Health Coaching in 2012 and author of the amazon's best selling Ayurveda Book, Body Thrive.

She is working on a book deal for Awake Living.

CATE STILLMAN will guide a group through the core competencies of Awake Living starting on the June Solstice.

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"Thank you for being such an inspiring, smart, focused, supportive and encouraging coach and teacher. I've learned SO MUCH from you over the years and feel so lucky to have you as a guide and leader. Just watching how you grow and get it done has been massively influential."

- Anna Welle, Yoga Health Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner  http://www.annaveda.com/

Awaken Your Power and your Potential.  

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