Cracking Your Clan Code

Cracking Your Clan Code

What I’m talking about is Cracking Your Clan’s Code.

Cracking Your Clan’s Code is about codifying your family values to design the household, future, and relationships you want to experience – day in and day out.

Our clans, or families, operate under a set of shared assumptions that influence our unspoken values. I grew up with a family-wide assumption that eating ice cream while watching a screen before bed was a fun family time. And it was! I loved eating chocolate ice cream while watching Family Ties with my siblings and parental units (yes, I’m a child of the 80s). We also had an assumption that went like this: “It’s important for the family to connect for the biggest meal of the day whenever Dad gets home from work.”

Of course, coming together as a clan of five was important.

However, most of my health issues—from constipation to allergies to headaches—were linked to eating too late in the day and having desserts that aggravated my constitution. If we’d tested that assumption by doing a deep-dive investigation into our values, I probably wouldn’t have had health issues (which led to the career I have now). So be it.

The bigger question is this: how were my childhood clan’s values not lining up to my family’s actions? And how are your clan’s values out of sync with your actions?

When our actions are out of sync with our values, there’s a cost. The loss of health, joy, ease, flow, time, and money can be easily quantified if you take the time to figure them all out. For now, get curious about how much more abundance, flow, joy, love, time, money, and thrive you can have if you take the time to live up to your values with your actions. Capisce?

Watch this quick video to start investigating your assumptions—and your clan’s code.

Each clan has a unique code. Your collective clan’s code already exists.

Yet, when you take the time together to uncover it, to chisel it down to a few simple words, the magic happens.

The yogis have known this for-freaking-ever. Seriously. The yogis started codifying their sutras over 4,000 years ago. They knew that simple, short statements composed of powerful words that synergized a unique, lasting truth were codes. Codes unlock consciousness. And that’s exactly what makes it way easier to live together! To work together! To have fun together! To live harmonious, aligned lives! (Sometimes this new age verbiage is like, gag me with a spoon—but it is my experience.)

You won’t comprehend the power of discovering your clan’s code and chiseling your golden tablets together until you watch the video. Watch it. Have an aha moment. And understand exactly what your unique family values—or your clan’s code—are.

On our journey to better health for ourselves and our families, food isn’t the only component. Our values play a huge role in how we engineer our choices. We live in a very toxic food culture with the odds stacked against us. Building structure and creating a plan wherein you and your family feel empowered is vitally important for success. And success takes creating new structures for growth. “Doing your unique values” in this workshop is a stepping stone for structure.

Get on it. Do the Values Workshop. It’s free you lucky stiff.

Cate Stillman
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