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Barbara Stanny: Women’s Path to Power through Money

Barbara Stanny wrote Secrets of Six Figure Women in 2004. It took me a few years to hear about it. When I read it - I was probably earning around $60k a year. Not bad. Roughly 2x the median (women earn about $31k). I was getting interested in my power. I was getting interested in my potential.When I read this now relic of a book a few bulbs went off. All of the sudden six figures went from being way out in left field to the center of home plate....

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How to Build Dynamic Groups with Cate Stillman

I rap with myself about Dynamic Groups!   What you’ll get out of tuning in: The 10 core practices for building dynamic groups How to show your care What to do with feedback for each other  Core Practices for Building Dynamic GroupsCare Enroll deliberately Specific, multi-dimensional structure (content, forum, face-to-face, in person Rules- Commitment to Engage Listen Guide Get feedback Integrate feedback Build a Mesh Give prizes, leadership positions, rewards for behavior that builds group momentum  Links:7 lessons to uplevel your wellness career The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art...

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