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Identity Shift, Ahamkara + Better Habits

But, here is the crux: to actually automate this habit that we’ve never had, we need to let it change us. We need to tap into our own plasticity of form. Think “Plasticman”. We need to be shape-shiftable enough to become that person who has that habit. For example, you’ll recall my new goal is to Stick to a work plan in 2016 that reaches my goals. My new habit is Spend the first 10 minutes of my work day reviewing my weekly plan and planning my day. ...

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Uplevel your Relationship Agreements on the Evolutionary Path

“Basically, it goes like this,” I started. “We either have articulated or unspoken agreements in our core relationships. If the agreements are unspoken, they can quickly become outdated. If we’re operating on outdated, unspoken agreements the relationship isn’t as dynamic, inspired, evolutionary, supportive, or connective as it could/should be. When you take the time to step back, and consciously update your relationship agreements, you redefine your life, based on your current potential.”...

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