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[The Yogi’s Guide] to Stuff Your Should have at Home

My publicist passes questions to me everyday from national publications. We particularly liked this one:What are the Top 10 things that I use everyday that most people don’t? I made the list of stuff I rely on every day to have a day packed with thrive. It's not that I couldn't live without  this stuff. Everyday is better with these particular amazing things in my life.Drumroll, please...

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Self Massage + Foam Rolling

I live in Mexico half the year and spend a chunk of time each week on a paddle board. We have a fleet to meet the different conditions and opportunities. I'm studying paddle technique because I'm clearly not doing it in a sustainable way. My left piriformis is in a knot, my right trapezius is pissed off from overuse, and my left deltoid knows there is a better way.While I'm working on technique to stop inflicting and inflaming myself, I counterbalance with my foam roller. To see how to use one,...

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