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Your Habits + Your Integrity Spectrum

I wrote this post and made the little diagram for those who are in the seemingly endless cycles of negative self-talk to inform you that dissolves when your habits align to your bodies needs. Your mind and emotions are negative because your rhythms are out of alignment. They are a symptom - not a cause in themselves. I was on a Body Thrive coaching call the other day. I try to check in first. I take the pulse of the group. I find out where people are stuck. I also find...

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Uplevel your Relationship Agreements on the Evolutionary Path

“Basically, it goes like this,” I started. “We either have articulated or unspoken agreements in our core relationships. If the agreements are unspoken, they can quickly become outdated. If we’re operating on outdated, unspoken agreements the relationship isn’t as dynamic, inspired, evolutionary, supportive, or connective as it could/should be. When you take the time to step back, and consciously update your relationship agreements, you redefine your life, based on your current potential.”...

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