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Achieving a Deeper Body Connection through Embodiment with Mark Walsh

Yoga can be a great form of spiritual practice or a method of physical activity. One less common way to practice that deserves attention, however, is through embodiment. Mark Walsh is a powerful advocate and teacher of embodiment through yoga. By focusing on ourselves and how certain posed make us feel, we can really connect with our feeling and our personalities on a deeper level.Mark’s embodiment yoga courses teaches us how to utilize the different archetypes present in yoga poses to strengthen those aspects of ourselves to which we have...

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale at Yogahealer

For the first time, Yogahealer is making powerful ayurvedic knowledge even easier to attain with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. For this limited time, some of our most popular classes are available for 50% off! Take the step to recharge your health and habits with Immune System 101, Allergy Relief, and Healthier Hormones! Learn how you can heal difficult hormone and immunes system issues through lifestyle changes and habits that can change your life.Get the kids involved with our Healthier Kids course that will teach little ones about...

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Integrating Indigenous Wisdom in Our Lives with Caroline Putnam and Annie Barrett

In our enculturated western lives, we often neglect our relationships with nature. There is a lot we can learn about this relationship from the Andean people, who follow indigenous wisdom regarding their interactions with the Earth. Our ancestors all over the world lived as land stewards in harmony with their ecosystems and with the cycles of nature. The Andean people not only value their relationship with the Earth, but also those within their communities.In the Andes, the Andean people practice Ayni, or sacred reciprocity which keeps life in balance. Ritual...

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