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Tap into the Power of Mentoring

Today's show is all about mentoring, mentoring relationship is a lot of what we use in Yogahealer, so you're going to have an earful about mentoring with me, some of the Yoga Health Coaching Mentors, Annie Barrett and Alex Biondo. I rap with Yoga Health Coaching Mentors about Mentoring What you’ll get out of tuning inAloe: Wicked Tip from the Witch on a Mountain Bike What Mentorship can reflect back to you Are All Managers or Teachers, Mentors? Better Relationships, Better Connectivity Who Do I wanna mentor and Who do you...

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The Yoga of Investing in Yourself: Cate’s Take on breaking plateaus through skillful personal investment

“What do I need to know, How do I need to ask, and How do I out myself?”  Grace Edison mentioned rhetorically in conversation with me on skillful personal investment. She is getting serious about investing in herself. She wanted to find out what she didn’t know about the next level of personal investment.Though I’ve done way better than most of my friends, in my cavalier opinion, I’ve only recently got experienced a real shift. I’m still maxing out my SEP IRA and expanding in real estate. But i’m...

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Dr. Svoboda: Mentors for boys

For women mainly keeping company with other women we sometimes forget to actively seek out male mentors and teachers, but as Dr. Svoboda suggests, that is exactly what we need to be doing for our boys. We need to find strong role models to provide guidance and help channel the natural ambition testosterone brings. We need to notice the tribes our boys join, who's leading those tribes and the lessons they are learning from these teachers....

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