Tap into the Power of Mentoring

Tap into the Power of Mentoring

Today's show is all about mentoring, mentoring relationship is a lot of what we use in Yogahealer, so you're going to have an earful about mentoring with me, some of the Yoga Health Coaching Mentors, Annie Barrett and Alex Biondo.

I rap with Yoga Health Coaching Mentors about Mentoring

What you’ll get out of tuning in

  • Aloe: Wicked Tip from the Witch on a Mountain Bike
  • What Mentorship can reflect back to you
  • Are All Managers or Teachers, Mentors?
  • Better Relationships, Better Connectivity
  • Who Do I wanna mentor and Who do you wanna be mentored by?

Amy Eldredge Question about Aloe:

“Question about aloe vera. I use aloe gel frequently in my green smoothies in the am. I am Pitta Kapha and I have scalloping on my tongue and have (before making significant changes to my dinacharya and diet) tended toward diarrhea. My question is…I have a lovely aloe vera plant…is it edible? I have done some reading online and there is part of the plant that can cause diarrhea and not all aloe is edible. Does anyone harvest their own aloe gel? I'd like to get an edible aloe and use it in my smoothies. Anyone have experience or advice about using aloe in this way?”



Annie Barret

Annie is an educator with an Masters of Arts in Education, a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, a certified yoga health coach.  She loves cooking, hiking, live music, traveling, and speaking Spanish.

She says on her Website: Our family splits our time between the evergreen forest on the edge of Olympia, WA and the Andes mountains of Pisac, Peru.  It has been and continues to be a magnificent journey and I count myself and fortunate and blessed.  As someone who has walked the householder path of yoga for over twenty years, I am dedicated to offering yoga and wellness programs for vibrant living.

Cate Stillman
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