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Ashley Turner on Urban Priestesses Plus: Smoothie Bowls and Summertime Stomach Acid

I reached out to Ashley Turner with a desire to connect around the sacred work of women and awakening. I wanted to learn about her work as an ordained priestess in the modern age. Our conversation takes a few twists and turns. Included in this sess is my word on smoothie bowls and what can go wrong with stomach acid and summertime. Enjoy. In this Conversation with Cate + Ashley:What did Ashley learn in your priestess training that has served you well? Are modern yogini priestesses more consumer or collaborator oriented with...

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Do you rub your mother’s feet?

A main struggle of yogis on the path is narcissism.  The same struggle goes for  vaidyas (ayurvedic practitioners).The paths of yoga and ayurveda intrinsically invite us to greater and more subtle degrees of self-care (eat a sattvic, high prana diet, practice yoga  asana, pranayama, meditation, study, inquire and  contemplate ...

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