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How To Make Your Own Green Powder

As an avid fan of edible invasive weeds, I glory in the abundance of their presence. This year’s thistle harvest was sparser than usual, but chickweed went house. I was inundated with chickweed! She showed up in every garden and grow-box. I let her do her thing and ended up with five pounds of green powder!  Nutrient Density is in Your Weeds Weeds are my dear sisters. They show up when needed, sometimes unwanted, to cleanse and nourish my cells. Weeds have taught me about cooperation. Instead of getting stuck on what...

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The Paleo Diet Meets Ayurveda with Dr. Akil Palanisamy

What does a plant-based, Ayurvedically-informed Paleo Diet look like? Find out on today’s show.In this episode we go trendy with the hot and hip gastronomical words: microbiome, nutrient density, Paleo, micronutrients, phytochemical, gut bacteria, antioxidants, epigenetics, anti-inflammatories. That’s right. Dr. Akil gets down and dorky, good and geeky with the how Ayurveda interests with emerging gut science. You’ll also learn how your basic kitchen spices: cloves, ginger, cumin, fennel, red peppers, rosemary, garlic change how your genes express themselves.You’ll love this episode if your curious about Paleo but don’t want...

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