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Sthira, Abhyasa + Body Thrive

Let me ask you a question… Do you ever think the accomplished yogis and vaidyas of yore (insert your favorite accomplished yogi(ini)) ever woke up and didn’t want to hit the mat? Do you think this ever went through his/her mind? “God, I’m over it. I keep saluting the sun, the moon, the sky, the Earth. Shiva, I’m bored of chanting your name over and over and over. Vishnu, I’ve had enough of sitting on this freaking cushion. Hanuman, I give up...

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Wild Greens Pesto

During last year's Raw Food Solstice Fest I learned about sweet cicely during our wild plant walk near my house. I'd been eating a lot of dandelion, thistle and nettle, and the SWEET taste of Cicely made me an instant fan. Green and sweet? Sweet. ...

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3 Tips to Jumpstart your Fall Cleanse

Unsurprisingly enough, as a culture, we don't fundamentally change what we eat with the seasons. And I'm not just talking about shifting your latte to one with pumpkin pie spice.Of course, the past 40 years is the first epoch in our history  that we nailed how to supersede Nature. And obviously, superseding Nature rocks...

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