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How the care of Your Senses can increase Your Happiness

When I coach my tribe through the habits, teaching ways to care for our sense organs is one of my favorites. While it may not be the most popular of the ten habits, I love that these tiny little acts can be easily added into what we already habitually do in our day and require little energy or time. Small habits. Big difference in how we feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. Creating the microhabits of taking care of each of our senses in order to live our healthiest and happiest for...

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Back to School with Ayurveda

Fall is a time of year when things are changing. For those who have a love of learning, this is a time when the door is wide open for growth and expansion. The seasons are also changing, everything in nature is drying out, and if we don’t take care of ourselves physically, we can leave ourselves vulnerable to lots of minor ailments.Our five senses inform of us the changes, while our mind opens to accelerated growth this time of year. Vata season ushers in the change. It's expansive energy invites us...

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Evolving your diet with your Yoga…. for teachers and students

I have a bone to pick with Yoga teachers.Most of you don't know or practice dina charya, the Ayurvedic daily routine. Many of you who do practice it, don't teach it. When we separate out the Ayurvedic daily routine, and the sattvic diet, upheld by yogis generation after generation for centuries, we make the path of Yoga confusing, and even dangerous to yoga students....

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