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What are you doing now to set up the New Year you want?

New Year season and Holiday parties. Late, heavy meals. Over indulging. Overbooked schedules. We all understand the busyness of the holidays and how so often we enter into the new year from a place of depletion rather than nourishment. What if this new year you were able to change the pattern?Now is the ideal time to tap into the true offerings of the season and shift your habits to reflect who you want to become with the support of a thriving community on the journey with you. Join Cate and...

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How to Step into Money Integrity during the Holidays

I first heard of Bari Tessler from one of my Living Ayurveda Course students. This student was yoga teacher and wellness professional in her own right. She took Bari’s Art of Money course to break through her personal income ceiling. And it worked. As this woman then went into my Yogahealer Business Course I noticed she had less money story issues and could quickly implement my advice. She made $20,000 more that first year.I heard Bari’s name again and again. Finally, I reached out for an interview. That was a...

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