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What are you doing now to set up the New Year you want?

What are you doing now to set up the New Year you want?

New Year season and Holiday parties. Late, heavy meals. Over indulging. Overbooked schedules. We all understand the busyness of the holidays and how so often we enter into the new year from a place of depletion rather than nourishment. What if this new year you were able to change the pattern?

Now is the ideal time to tap into the true offerings of the season and shift your habits to reflect who you want to become with the support of a thriving community on the journey with you. Join Cate and Megan as they discuss the decision to have a better New Year by having a better now.

What you’ll get out of tuning in

  • Why entering into the holidays NOW intentionally will change 2019;
  • Why making an investment in yourself shifts your perspective and ability to grow;
  • How you have the power to shape your destiny by shaping your environment and your habits.

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Show Highlights

3:30 – What are the resistances of doing Body Thrive during the holidays, and what are the results.
5:00 – How self care reverses the trend of overspending.

6:00 – How making a one time investment in yourself keeps you on track and helps you evolve into your future self and makes the investment worth it- if it works it is worth ten fold.

13:30 – Our environment shapes everything, we shape our environments which shapes our destiny.

18:30 – What do you do when the difficulty comes up? How do we deal with relationship issues when your relationship does not align.
19:30 – Your habits are communal – what is your environment that is reinforcing who you are right now, how does it need to change to be the person you want to become next?

22:30 – Understanding that where you are now is a stage in your growth cycle instead of this is a problem I cannot fix.

26:00 – The season is supporting your change through the changes in the seasons, the entrance of the dark, and the celebration of the quiet. The deepest digestion happens in the winter. 29:00 – Why the intentional living in the darkness brings you deep bliss.

Guest BIO

Megan Pintus

Megan Pintus joined the Yogahealer team in September. She currently resides in Virginia where she manages a yoga studio in a thriving community. Her profession and her passion are to support others in taking their visions of changing current culture and making them a reality.

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