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Ayurveda for Spring Guidelines

I've made you a Spring Day Cheatsheet. Print it, and put it on your fridge. You are welcome to forward it around on Facebook or link in your next newsletter if you have yoga students to share it with. Ayurveda Guidelines for Spring - Print + ShareDetox the Junk in your Trunk Unglue your gut. Unflannel your channels. After the long winter every cell in your body is begging for you to press the reset button. Spring is the season of burning the fat and turning on the inner a.c. before summer....

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There is no perfect time to cleanse

Grab your free week 1 - pre detox guide - print & post on fridge!Greetings people on the verge of cleansing,I had a quick chat with a lovely and dedicated yoga student (we'll call her Jane) at our local coffee shop in Driggs. I was waiting to meet my new manager and had a few minutes. Jane started telling me how she is a dedicated follower of my blog and newsletters and that ...

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