Moon Salutations Cheatsheet

Moon Salutations Cheatsheet

Last night I watched the full MOON rise over the snowy Tetons. Around dawn I watched it set over the Big Holes. While we spun I dove deep into the causal for requisite 8. I'm back in Idaho, after the winter in Mexico. Back at our hippy homestead – we call it THE COMPOUND. It's good to be home. The mountains may be white, but the valley is green. After the moon gazing and my morning dance workout, I added dandelions and alfalfa to my morning smoothie. My first WILD greens in 6 months. Hallelujah. I made you another Cheatsheet. Print it. Share it. Tape it on the wall in your yoga practice area. Compliments of my amazing colleague: Bruce Bowditch – author of The Yoga Practice Guide. Or better yet, PRINT 20 + share at your local studio 🙂

yoga sequence  *Print + Pin to Fridge*

yoga sequence
*Print + Tape on the wall where you practice*

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