wild green ayurveda and prana

wild green ayurveda and prana

Wild Green Ayurveda and Prana, part 1

For the March Yogidetox I ate fruits and vegetables. Exclusively. I didn’t add salt. Or spice. My palette became simple. For the May Yogidetox I ate wild greens 3 times a day (with other foods). My palette became wild (uncultivated). From these 2 experiences, I’ve noticed I can taste wild nutrients. Food from the store makes me feel one way… food from the woods and I’m a whole other animal. Literally. Read on to find out how this could make a huge difference in optimizing your energy.

From this experience, I can tell you that wild greens, like sweet cicely have exponentially more prana and nutrients than the greens you can purchase in the store. At this point your palette is probably too cultivated to appreciate the prana and the nutrients in wild greens.

Eating Green and Prana

How do you source your prana? Prana is the cosmic energy of consciousness that comes through the leaves of the trees into your body. You breathe in prana. You also eat prana in your foods. As your foods have more prana… you become more alive. You need less food.

Wild greens have more absorbable prana than any other food group category. Our red blood cells pick up and carry oxygen. In Sanskrit this action is called jivana, or carrying life. The hemoglobin molecule and chlorophyll molecule from eating leafy greens is essential the same, except the central element. Hemoglobin is built around iron (red). Chlorophyll is built around magnesium (green). The energetic exchange is where red becomes green and green becomes red.


Watch this 8 minute youtube video with Fred Busch to really get this: “Chlorophyll is the blood of plants. Hemoglobin is the blood of mammals.” Your exhale is the prana of the plant’s inhale. The plants exhale is the prana of your inhale. Get it?

Now, plants that are healthier and happier (yes, plants do have emotions) have better quality and more quantity of prana. Your experience of energy and life force can be greatly enhanced by better quality and more quantity of prana. Which means plants. Spend more time in the woods (or just outside when your air quality is good). Bring plants into your home. Be conscious of the plants your spending time with… and you’ll notice they are sentient.

As you spend more time with plants, you’ll begin to notice that plants that are naturally thriving in your ecosytsem… who weren’t intentionally planted and don’t need you to live have a wildness about them. Their prana has this same wild, unbridled quality. When you breath that prana and eat those leaves… that wildness becomes you. The book that best explains this is one I picked up for Indy written by Starhawk: The Last Wild Witch: An Eco-Fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits.

The best I can understand it is that the plant is transferring it’s own bhavana to you. It’s life experience becomes your life experience. Where I live in Teton Basin, right below the Grand Teton, plants have an intense, hardy, and exquisite life. When I breath and eat them, this is the quality of the prana that they transfer into my blood… into my tissue.. into my thoughts and emotions.

When I eat hydroponic greens from the store.. they taste bland, cultivated, and don’t have anywhere near the intensity of energy. The


same goes for organic kale from Mexico. Everyday, I become more convinced, from the inside out, that the key to optimizing health has everything to do with literally becoming one with our ecosystem. And, as that happens we awaken to our authentic nature.

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  • Uncle Aidan
    Posted at 23:43h, 05 August

    Wow amazing article!! So awesome there’s other people out there who know this rare wisdom. Wild food is the most high energy vibration for sure. I try to eat as much wild as possible which is often 100% for months straight. Puts me on a whole new level of consciousness and makes my dreams more vivid. I’m addicted to the energy and dislike farmed food energy. Not sure exactly why the difference is so intense but plants definitely have emotions

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