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Roping in Parents and Grandparents with Your Healthier Habits

Live from the Yogahealer retreat in Punta Mita! Cate sits down with Elise Marie Collins and Hadlee Garrison to discuss radiant longevity and intergenerational Body Thrive! Elise is the author of Super Ager, a practical and concise guide to optimal aging. Hadlee is a yoga health coach whose mother and grandmother are members of her coaching group.  What you’ll get out of tuning in:How a short, daily breath-body practice can have a big impact on long-term health. How our habits and identity evolution have a ripple effect up and...

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Unlock your Ikigai to Become a Super Ager

In Japan, the concept of Ikigai means our purpose in life, or our reason for living. This idea is very interesting to observe across the world, especially in the few blue zones, where people live the longest. On the isolated island of Ojima, many centenarians report their Ikigai as supporting those in their small communities. In fact, Elise emphasizes that one thing that the blue zones have in common is strong community bonding and involvement - especially across generations.  Cate explains that ethos is not just what connect us to...

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