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Physical Harmony + Weight Loss for Overweight Vatas, with Cate Stillman

The vast majority of Western society is now considered overweight or obese. For practitioners and/or students of Ayurveda, it can be difficult to determine whether a person's excess weight is a vata or kapha issue. And the question comes up all the time, too. It's simply just harder to tell their constitutions when they have extra pounds of ama and poor-quality tissue on their bodies.Fortunately, there are a few key ways that you can tell the difference between vata and kapha weight. Once you know how to discern that...

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Owning Your Emotional Eating by transforming your fat with Intermittent Fasting

When Grace Edison asked me to mentor her, I thought, “oh, boy. What am i getting into.” Yogahealer Real Life Show listeners know I talk a lot about mentoring. Grace is making me walk my talk through our 1-1 conversations.Grace has lost 60 pounds since taking up the Body Thrive habits. [Body Thrive Book], 6-0.  Not 10. Not 20. Not even 50. I’d say she has another 12 or so to go before she is ama-free (or free of carrying unprocessed waste, and poor quality un-integrated matter).Not bad,...

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Detox Stories

I asked my Yogidetox community for personal yogidetox stories. The stories from my detoxers split open my heart. At the helm of this big ship I can't know each person's unique process. I often think I don't need to guide the Yogidetox anymore - our culture has evolved to making this commonplace enough.Yet these stories invigorate my personal detox inspiration. I've taught this course twice a year since 2002. Each course as it's own flavor. And it's own specific evolutionary Ayurvedic teaching. This years it's about conversations with Agni, with...

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