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How To Use Chokecherries: An Ayurvedic Perspective

I lived in the Tetons for 15 years before harvesting chokecherries. I wish I’d known sooner! Chokecherries grow in insane abundance in this part of the world: You can pick pounds in an hour!I asked Indy’s grandparents who are from the area if they’d harvested chokecherries while growing up. When they said yes, I asked how they used them. They responded with nothing out of the ordinary, only mentioning they’d made syrup for pancakes.I’m not that into dousing wild natives in white sugar. So I figured you might want to...

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The Witch on the Mountain Bike

I'm awakening to the reality that I'm a present day witch. From what I know of the witches of yore they spent their time gathering plants, making concoctions or decoctions, chanting, and doing the general work of healing (warding off evil, if you may). Sure, they got a bad rap when patriarchy emerged full force in the beginnings of the industrial revolution so the fairy tales often convey them as rooted in the dark side. Let us recognize that was the beginning of the emergence of health/medicine moving from the...

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