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Align Your Solstice for Your Annual Strategic Planning

What’s happening for people who are more awake and aligned heading toward the solstice? This time of the cycle for those in the northern hemisphere is about the deepest of reflections and planting of seeds, it’s not about doing, it’s about reflecting. It’s about mindful, deliberate selection of which seeds to plant. For those heading towards the summer solstice, it is a time for harvesting what was planted last winter.Even though as a global culture, we’ve moved away from planet-based rhythms, and have habits and customs around that run counter...

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A Children’s Story for Winter Solstice

My dear fans and rebels,[caption id="attachment_31830" align="alignright" width="303"] Starhawk, an eco-legend of our time.[/caption]I am delighted to share a story from a beloved author, Starhawk, on the winter solstice. When I invited Starhawk into the Evolve Project, she offered a piece from her book. I chose her story for the children, A Visit to Mother Winter.This is her telling of A Visit to Mother Winter.Circle round, and I'll tell you a story for a long winter's night…Once there were two sisters – we'll call them Johanna and Zelda, although the...

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Plan your Winter Solstice

With close to a week before the winter solstice, how are you planning on honoring the day of darkness?Solstice = Sun standing stillSol = SunSistere = Cause to stand stillYule = WheelThis is the biggest invitation to pause in our annual Earth cycle. You can stand still and watch the wheel turn. You can see where you are in space, and mark where you are in time.Yule was the pre-Christian Germanic Midwinter (celebration). It was one of the eight solar holidays.  When the wheel of the year is at its...

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