A Children’s Story for Winter Solstice

A Children’s Story for Winter Solstice

My dear fans and rebels,

Starhawk, an eco-legend of our time.

I am delighted to share a story from a beloved author, Starhawk, on the winter solstice. When I invited Starhawk into the Evolve Project, she offered a piece from her book. I chose her story for the children, A Visit to Mother Winter.

This is her telling of A Visit to Mother Winter.

Circle round, and I'll tell you a story for a long winter's night…

Once there were two sisters – we'll call them Johanna and Zelda, although the lived so long ago that no one remembers their true names. Zelda, the elder sister, was very beautiful to look at, but she wasn't kind. In fact, because she was so beautiful, she went through life

expecting everyone to do favors for her and let her have her own way, and often enough they did.

Click here for Starhawk's A Visit to Mother Winter.
Please share with your families.

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