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Benjamin Hardy on Writing Online

Ben Hardy and I talk about how he went from a brand new, and obscure blogger to a writer with 100,000 followers, now working on his first book. Ben is father to 3 foster children, ages 5,7,and 9,  and pursuing his PhD student in Organizational Psychology.When I first came across a blog post from Ben his writing captured my attention. He is a much better writer than me. I almost didn’t notice his writing though, because the conversation he was having was so easy to follow and rich to read. This...

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Maya Tiwari on Dharma, Power, Writing Books, + Healing

One day a podcast guest form from Maya Tiwari appeared in my inbox. On cue, I jumped up and threw a happy dance, which for me has a lot of butt and wild arms. I'd tried to get Maya Tiwari in the Ayurveda Summit a half a year before, but a death in India kept her away.At long last, we sat down for a conversation. I had no idea what to expect. On the call we connected deeply and quickly - a sign of a true guru. After 30 minutes...

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