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Elena Brower on Ruthless Self Care for Yoga Teachers

Elena and I first met eons ago at Inner Harmony. We're talking 2004. Now, 12 years later we're in the next decade of our lives. We each have a kid. Elena is still in New York and I'm still in Idaho. We've both grown in our respect for the traditions, practice, and philosophies of yoga and Ayurveda.Our conversation centers around coming clean as we mature on the path of Yoga, which leads to the path of Ayurveda. Tap into the following, and share with your yoga pals. We talk about...

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Evolving your diet with your Yoga…. for teachers and students

I have a bone to pick with Yoga teachers.Most of you don't know or practice dina charya, the Ayurvedic daily routine. Many of you who do practice it, don't teach it. When we separate out the Ayurvedic daily routine, and the sattvic diet, upheld by yogis generation after generation for centuries, we make the path of Yoga confusing, and even dangerous to yoga students....

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