Top 5 Yogidetox Podcast Episodes

Top 5 Yogidetox Podcast Episodes


Yogidetox is starting this October and our team has gathered our top 5 podcast episodes to help you get ready for the gobal detox which starts this October 12th.

Listen and enjoy!

#1: Detox for Hormone Balance with Bridgit Danner

When we look back on our health histories we see peaks and valleys. Obviously a reflection of the laws of nature, our bodies in particular reflect the law of contrary compliments. In this week’s show you’ll hear women’s hormonal health collaborator, Bridgit Danner talk about her low of the lows. Postpartum hormonal imbalance. New marriage, new baby, new business. Dark places. IBS. Leaky Gut. Adrenal Issues. Pink eye. How did Bridgit turn it around and how she help other women pulse back to thriving?

Listen in.

61+qF6Tmc7L#2: Detoxes and diets…Get beyond the label and into the evolution

I’ve been “raw”. I’ve been “ayurvedic”. I’ve even dabbled in “paleo ayurvedic.” We all know labels are limiting. But, we’ve also experienced how specific diets raise our body awareness and teach us new kitchen skills.
In this episode we have body wisdom galore on the topic of detox and diets, as well as toxins and chemicals. What you need to know and what you need to avoid. You’ll also receive a dose of inspiration to step into leadership around your thrive.

Listen to the full episode here.

 51x8WiW6pCL#3: Detox, Rejuvenation, + the 3 Causes of Disease

It’s 5 am and I just left my house for my yurt to turn on my propane stove. The earth is crunchy with frost. The sky is crazy clear, the stars bright white in sharp contrast to the deep black sky. The air is freezing. It’s October 3 and change is in the air.
Ayurveda is very very serious about the opportunity that arises when change is in the air. Air is, well, air element. And change signifies air element is even more airy fairy than usual. Business as usual is when a season is thoroughly underway. Between seasons there is a shift. Vata increases. The veils between the heaven and earth open up. In this opening we have a choice. 

Listen to the full episode here.


51WEhM5gRXL#4: The Detox Mindset + Recipe for Travel

I’ve been leading Detox groups for over a decade. In this week’s episode of the YogaHealer Real Life Show I’ll be sharing how a Detox can take you beyond a green smoothie and move you into reshaping your destiny. We will talk about:

  • The experience of being empowered when you regain control of your physiology
  • How to take the detoxing experience beyond physiology
  • How detoxing will allow you to rediscover your inner wisdom
  • Why detoxing will benefit everyone you come into relationship with
  • How detoxing will expand your horizons

Listen to the full episode here.


51w6KRON6ZL#5: The Detox Path of Deep Nourishment with Deanna Minich

Deanna Minich is an expert in detox and foods. She has written a bunch of books and created a system to help everyday people have extraordinary breakthroughs. We have a rich conversation about our potentials as detoxed human beings living actively collaborating with planet earth. We hit on our our beliefs shift as we detox, our mindset expands and becomes more interconnected with humanity and the planet while simultaneously becoming more complex.

Listen to the full episode here.

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