Wellness Pro Burnout: Why it happens & what to do about it

Wellness Pro Burnout: Why it happens & what to do about it

Grace and I rap about wellness pro burnout, why it happens to us and to you, and what we can do to combat it. We chat about the ‘zone of genius’, our current purpose, and whether we are living in integrity with ourselves by pursuing our passions.  We talk about taking ownership for ourselves, our lives, and our careers and how to appropriately give and receive feedback.

Listen in on today’s Dharma and Dollars show to find out if you are you spending enough time in your zone of genius to light you up, give you energy, and keep you healthy. Find out how to connect to your mission, your dharma, and how to live in integrity within yourself and your career.

I rap about Wellness Pro Burnout with Grace Edison:

  • What are the different kinds of burnout and why does burnout happen?
  • Continually learning and reigniting your passion for your business regularly
  • The concept of “Svastha”, or ‘Health’ in Ayurveda, and what it means to be ‘seated in the self’

What you’ll get out of tuning in:   

  • Learn how to take ownership of your life and what happens when you do
  • What is your zone of genius and how do you design your career to spend more time in that zone?
  • How to appropriately give and receive feedback along your growth path


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Show Highlights:

  • 4:30 – Grace talks about the different types of burnout, what burnout looks like, and how to navigate it
  • 6:35 – We discuss taking ownership for what happens in our lives and allowing others to take ownership in their lives
  • 12:20 – Perception of the self, giving of ourselves and how the self relates to all things
  • 16:00 – We chat about being grounded, having an access to a deeper energy, and how to unlock your manifest and unmanifest potentials
  • 22:15 – Build a grounding meditation exercise into your daily routine
  • 25:10 – 10 tips on how to hydrate in the winter and keep your body healthy!

Favorite Quotes:

  • “It’s like you’re driving faster than you have energy coming in to burn, so you burnout.” -Cate Stillman
  • “If we’re burnt out, there is a level of disconnect from mission.” -Cate Stillman
  • “Be open to hearing to where it’s broken where maybe you didn’t think it was.” -Grace Edison 
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