What’s Hot. What’s Not. Planning Your Yoga Business in 2016

What’s Hot. What’s Not. Planning Your Yoga Business in 2016

As you continue to drill down into the details of planning and growing your yoga business, stop and ask yourself – do you know what’s hot in the yoga industry right now? What’s not? Are New Year’s resolutions hot? What about periscope? Packages deals? Nonconventional yoga spaces?

In this podcast Rachel Cook, Hillary Rubin and I talk about how you can best focus your energies by tapping into what’s hot and ditching what’s not. It’s a soup to nuts conversation – covering everything from promotional deals to lead generators, relationship building to market differentiators. Listen in and learn how to build a sustainable, lucrative yoga business that supports and serves both you and your students.

Rachel Cook

In this interview I talk with Rachel Cook about:

  •      How to capitalize on the most lucrative month in the year – January
  •      Keying into what people are actively seeking
  •      Exploring non-traditional yoga business models
  •      Understanding the importance of relationship building

What we mention in this episode:

  •      The resolutions bandwagon
  •      Yoga as a seasonal industry
  •      Thinking outside of the box
  •      Market differentiators

Hillary Rubin

In this interview I talk with Hillary Ruben about:

  •      Knowing what you are known for, what you do well
  •      Understanding the importance of lead generation tools
  •      Building a package that leverages your time and skills
  •      Creating intention

What we mention in this episode

  •      Stepping into the business side of yoga
  •      The rise of periscope
  •      The relative nature of fame
  •      Telling your story

Show Highlights:

Rachel Cook

2:24     Recognizing the “Hot” times of year in the yoga industry and capitalizing on them

5:14     Delivering what people are asking for

8:17     Yoga business models and thinking outside of the box

10:34   Exploring unconventional yoga spaces

12:10   Bringing yoga into the home

13:49   Creating market differentiators

15:46   Recognizing the value of the culture you create

17:46   Taking the time to develop relationships

Hillary Rubin

24:04   Embracing the business side of yoga

26:02   Knowing what you are known for

30:40   Creating a timeline to refine your story

33:56   Lead generating tools and techniques



Rachel Cook

The founder and CEO of The Yogipreneur, Rachel Cook has helped thousands of yogis design sustainable and profitable business round the world.  She has worked behind the scenes at Lululemon, Athletica, Yoga Alliance, and the International Association of Wellness Professionals – and has been featured at the US Chamber of Commerce Center for Women in Business, Abundant Yogi LIVE, Smart Passive Income, Juicy Geniuses, Lady Business Radio, and The Rise to the Top.

Hillary Rubin

As a spiritual life and career coach, Hillary Rubin helps women around the world conquer their fears and design the life they have always dreamed of.

Hillary has been featured on Fit TV, in the Los Angeles Times The Independent and Yoga Journal. She contributes to the Huffington Post and Origin magazine – and is currently working on her first book.

Favorite Quotes:

  •      “Your students want to see you succeed.” ~ Rachel Cook
  •      “People are at the heart of your yoga business.” Rachel Cook
  •      “…you need to build a tribe.”  ~ Cate Stillman
  •      “Fame is always relative.”  ~ Cate Stillman
  •      “You’ve got to say, I’m ready to have it.”  ~ Hillary Rubin
Cate Stillman
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