Drawing Your Chakras, Elements + Yantras on the Path of Yoga + Ayurveda with Susan Fauman

Drawing Your Chakras, Elements + Yantras on the Path of Yoga + Ayurveda with Susan Fauman

Susan Fauman loves shapes. From what I can tell she thinks in shapes. She makes her food into shapes and takes pictures of those shapes. While it’s all in the art of play, the shapes come from her 15 years of study and teaching in Yoga & Ayurveda, and her love of Yantra.


I rap with Susan Fauman about shaping our brain with shapes:

  • How the five elements show up in yantras
  • Why you want to use simple yantras in everyday life
  • The benefits of doodling the 5 elements


What you’ll get out of tuning in   :

  • The benefits of Turmeric
  • How to use Turmeric in everyday life
  • Why taking Turmeric as a supplement doesn’t deliver the same benefits
  • A quick gratitude practice on running water!




Favorite Quotes:

  • “I am completely turned on by the prospect of taking responsibility for our own lives and well-being through creative expression. I love all that Ayurveda and Yoga have to offer, but to me, the most exciting thing is when these tools become our own. When we enter into dialogue with the teachings in exploration of our own, individual experience, coming out the other end inspired and empowered.
  • I love the use of sacred symbols and simplicity to enrich our lives and create more ease. I find these paintings SO inspiring.


Guest BIO:

Susan Fauman is an artist, yoga instructor, jewelry-maker and ayurvedic lifestyle educator. The first time she went to an Ayurvedic doctor, more than 15 years ago, she stunned him into silence with her health history and a laundry list of symptoms and health complaints.

Since that first meeting with Ayurveda, Susan has dedicated her life to the study of living in alignment with Nature and creativity. She has spent a total of more than 2.5 years in India, living and studying with masters of classical Ayurveda and more than 6 months in Thailand and Peru studying traditional healing methods. Her studies have also included traditional Newari sacred painting, Western Herbology and Taoist medicinal cooking.

Along the way she became a mother, lived in France for 2 years (where she also taught Yoga and Ayurveda for Self Care), created her blog, wrote for the Huffington Post Blog and launched a jewelry line of healing talismans.

Trough her jewelry, artwork and her online courses, Susan teaches women how to connect with their intuition and with cycles of nature to rediscover their innate wisdom. Her goal is to inspire you to be carried away by the wonder and poetry of Nature but still make it back in time to cook dinner.

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