Ayurveda Guidelines for Summer

Ayurveda Guidelines for Summer

Summer is about anomalies. Nature is going off and generating obscene amounts of edibles which will cool your body and sweeten your tissues. The greens keep you cool. The sweet juicy fruits, and even veggies like zucchini and peas start to roll in to give you quick energy for the long days. If you eat heavier meats, grains, nuts, and non-local dairy in summer you’ll clog your channels. You can get allergies or overheat. Don’t do that.

Your strategy for summer is simple. Eat obscene amounts of what Nature is giving. This is green, green, and more green. And lots of sweet fruits and veggies. Print the sheet for your Focus and your Food.  Then share the love on Facebook with your yoga comrades.

Print and post to your fridge. All the cool yoga junkies are doing it.

Ayurveda Summer Day Tipsheet

Cate Stillman
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  • Bryan Vazquez
    Posted at 03:53h, 06 April

    Bitter and Astringent in summer? Me thinks not…Summer is one of the driest times of year and bitter and astringent are likely going to make you worse. You likely going over the generalized and over popularized idea that bitter and astringent reduce pitta, which is just based on basic aspects of pitta. You have to look at the gunas as well, and those help with toxicity that comes when the moistness of pitta is high that does NOT generally occur in the summer.

    In fact the classics name summer as a more Vata time of year – which you can see in the the dryness, people becoming fatigued, low digestive fires, etc.. that plague summer. This doesn't come in the western books though…you call yourself an expert?

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 18:12h, 08 April

    Hi Bryan,
    Yes – I agree – you have to look at the gunas.
    In some places summer is dry – obvious vata is also involved.
    In some places summer is humid -and you’ll see more kapha involved.
    But if it’s summer – it’s hot, and the cooling tastes will help.

    If you’d like to visit here again, I’ll only publish your comments if you can show up in a positive light.


  • Bryan
    Posted at 04:57h, 10 April

    I think you missed my point entirely. I will e-mail personally.

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