Yogahealer’s Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcast Episodes

We at the Yogahealer Real Life Show strive to give you the best Ayurveda content there is. From deep and profound conversations  in our podcast with world renowned health and wellness practitioners to recipes, tips and tricks. Previously we shared our top 10 podcast episodes of all time. This week we've listed down our top 10 Ayurvedic podcasts episodes. Top 1: Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary on Ama, Pharmaceuticals, and Practicing Ayurveda Today What do these symptoms have in common: fatigue,...

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How to Subscribe to the Yogahealer Podcast

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to subscribe to the Yogahealer Real Life Show through iTunes. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Make sure to click on the "Subscribe" button.   Here's a video on how to subscribe using your iPhone - video by  Business2Blogger Here's how to subscribe using an Android phone - you'll need to download Podcast & Radio Addict. ...

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5 tips on creating and managing a Body Thrive book club

Leading a Body Thrive book club has been an incredibly rewarding and transformative experience. Out of this experience, the opportunities to follow my path or as Cate would call it, my dharma, just keep coming…like being asked to write this blog post on how to create and manage a thriving book club! I discovered Body Thrive through listening to one of Cate Stillman’s webinars on ways to engage my yoga students. One of her suggestions was...

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Dynamic Communities And Co-creating Retreats

I can’t resist showing more pics from the retreat. I swear this is the last one. Below is Grace. Grace, as you can tell, is an original. This makes as easy path for her as a Yoga Health Coach. She’s a Canuk, yoga studio owner, mom of two. She wanted to leave her other job as a financial planner and come work for me. Alex Biondo, head of admissions, trained Grace. Alex and I listened to...

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The Beginning of Collective Leadership

I’m still on a photo-sharing binge from our retreat. (Hats off to professional photographer, Hannah Hardaway, also former US Ski Team ski champion, which we found out during the brag session). Below are members of all courses - Body Thrive, Yoga Health Coaching, Living Ayurveda, and Yogahealer Business Course. Paula is the LA beauty in the white. I think this was taken during our brag session. Did I mention, we did a brag session? I’ve learned from...

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Ayurvedic Group Facial Experiment Passes

As promised, I’m sharing pics from the facial experiment at the June Yogahealer retreat. We had 30 peeps under a big cottonwood near the raging mighty Teton creek. I first did a group facial in my yurt with 6 peeps. I set up stations and around we went. I asked Batool Merali, who has been a mentor in Living Ayurveda and a Yoga Health Coach, among a ton of other certifications. Batool is from India living in Rapid...

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Brag: My Student Council Award

I was looking at old photo albums last night, as my final surge in tidying up memorabilia in preparation to sell my house. I saw my life in review. I rekindled a few key relationships, at least in my mind. I found an award I forgot. Indy is into family trophies, medals and ribbons - so I grabbed it for her collection. It was the 1989-1990 Dover Sherborn High School Student Council Award for Outstanding...

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Yogahealer’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes of All Time

We at the Yogahealer Real Life Show strive to give you the best Ayurveda content there is. From deep and profound conversations  in our podcast with world renowned health and wellness practitioners to recipes, tips and tricks. We've come a long way folks! And we'd like to thank everyone who followed and supported us through the years. This week we bring you our top 10 episodes of all time! Top# 1: Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary on Ama, Pharmaceuticals, and...

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Meditate with a Partner

You may have heard that meditation will help your relationship. Meditation makes you more present, more aware, more curious, more efficient, more available, more resilient, more skillfully communicative, flexible in how you show up and respond, more empathic (aka “nicer to hang with), smarter, more intuitive, less afraid, and more ethical. (For research see here.) Obviously, any one of those side benefits to meditation would drastically improve your relationship with yourself first, and with your partner...

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