Mary Jo Cravatta

The best question for emotional detox with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta

Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta is a pro on helping people detox. As mandated by her guru she created a line of subtle energetic potions to help people with emotional clearing as they release ama in detox. In today's show Dr. Mary Jo shares the important question for moving through the thick of deeper emotional detox and relationship evolution. You'll get a practical practice you can start today - notice how you tell your story to someone....

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Jameson Morris

Time Management, Yogi Products, Entrepreneurship with Jameson Morris

A year ago I was emailing with Yogi Surprise - the cool subscription box for Yogis. Receiving the Yogi Surprise box at my door each month was like opening a present made especially for me. When Jameson Morris, the co-owner figured out I was emailing from his hometown - we were psyched. Jameson talks about the lessons learned along the way in being in the Yoga products business. I rap with Jameson Morris about Yogi Products +...

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Lila Ojeda

Should I test for food sensitivities and inflammation with Lila Ojeda

I'm a generalist, not a specialist. For years clients have come with their food allergy list. Now there are tests like the MRT, which diagnoses the foods that create inflammation for you. In this conversation with Lila Ojeda, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is also trained in yoga and Ayurveda, we compare notes on inflammatory dis-eases, diagnoses and treatment. With so many ways to analyze our bodies - and our particular imbalance - words like inflammation have different...

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quit drinking

Naked Truth Episode on When it’s time to quit drinking, smoking or eating

Some part of us knows deeply and knows better. The yogis named this part of the self Buddhi. Obviously it has the same root a Buddha - Buddha is a word in the very old Nepalese and Indian languages Pāli and Sanskrit which means "Enlightened one".  You have an enlightened part of the Self -and that part is usually quite clear, direct and non-negotiable in it's insights. In this episode I coach Grace Edison on paying attention...

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Deanna Minich

The Detox Path of Deep Nourishment with Deanna Minich

Deanna Minich is an expert in detox and foods. She has written a bunch of books and created a system to help everyday people have extraordinary breakthroughs. We have a rich conversation about our potentials as detoxed human beings living actively collaborating with planet earth. We hit on our our beliefs shift as we detox, our mindset expands and becomes more interconnected with humanity and the planet while simultaneously becoming more complex. In this conversation I...

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