JP Sears

Ultra Spiritual Crazy Wisdom with JP Sears

 JP Sears has given New Agers a chance to see themselves in the mirror and laugh. It reminds me of crazy wisdom - using humor and mental/emotional confusion as a path to awakening, as opposed to a direct teaching. JP is inspiringly unpredictable. His videos are shaking up and shaking down the spiritual elite - like you and me. I rap with JP Sears about Being Ultra Spiritual & Poking Fun He is a pro at satire...

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Carrie L'Esperance

Be a Solutionarian with Carrie L’Esperance

Carrie L'Esperance wrote the best book on detox I ever got my hands on. Her first book, The Seasonal Detox Diet: Remedies from the Ancient Cookfire, travels through ecosystems, cultures and kitchens. I’ve used many recipes and recommended the book to thousands of Yogidetoxers. It is a true gem. I rap with Carrie L'Esperance about Empirical Medicine + Self Mastery With the release of her second book, Soul Breathing: Spiritual Light and the Art of Self-Mastery, Carrie emerges...

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DJ Cavem

DJ Cavem Raps Hip Hop, Kale Chomping + Activism

Are you an OG? (Organic Gardener). If not, you'll get a fire lit under your butt with  Food Justice activist and O.G. DJ Cavem. The Real g's are the real Gardeners. My newest friend DJ Cavem is a food activist, deejay and kale advocate from the ‘hood.  He dedicates his work to transforming the minds and health of children and his community using hip hop as a platform of communication. In this episode we rap, or...

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Chokecherry Juice

Hydration Tips From Ayurveda , Chokecherry Juice Recipe, Relflux + Ayurveda Q+A

Today's show is a mishmash of Q+ A questions. We dive into the seasonal flux and havoc it can wreak on the sensitive body types.  I teach you how to use your skin as an organ for hydration. Also I share my new Chokecherry Juice recipe. There are a slew of Q+A questions including: swimming in cold weather, hydration tips from ayurveda, reflux esophagitis and toddlers. Also I include tips for reflux in general including a...

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Leadership, Speaking Skills, and Investing in your Bottom Line

This Week’s show is a mish mash of Dharma in the buff and Leadership. I included clips with Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock and Ed Alter of Speech Skills.  Katie Krimitsos asked me, “What is the biggest mistake I made in biz that had a negative impact on Yogahealer revenues. I asked Ed how to get my Yoga Health Coaches to stop speaking in Superlatives, Exaggerations + Generalizations. I rap with Katie Krimistos about Investment,...

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Trupti Gokani

Heal Your Headaches + Migraines with Ayurveda with Trupti Gokani, MD

As you are likely aware- we have a HUGE national problem with those suffering in pain overusing narcotic medications. There are 36 million migraineurs and 100 million pain sufferers in the US that have NO IDEA why they suffer. Instead of delving into the root causes of pain and understanding their pain from an ancient model, they use strong abortives (as needed meds) such as narcotics, anti-inflammatories, steroids to break cycles of pain vs using...

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