Isaiah Hankel

How to Focus into Flow States with Isaiah Hankel

"Most people make the mistake of thinking time is their most valuable asset. Other people make the mistake of thinking money is their most valuable asset. More enlightened people may make the mistake of thinking their relationships are their most valuable asset. But they are all wrong." Find out on today's show what your most valuable asset is and how to make the most of it. We also dive into what us determining your level of happiness...

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Maya Tiwari

Maya Tiwari on Dharma, Power, Writing Books, + Healing

One day a podcast guest form from Maya Tiwari appeared in my inbox. On cue, I jumped up and threw a happy dance, which for me has a lot of butt and wild arms. I'd tried to get Maya Tiwari in the Ayurveda Summit a half a year before, but a death in India kept her away. At long last, we sat down for a conversation. I had no idea what to expect. On the call...

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Rob Walch

The Return of the Audio Medium with Rob Walch

In this episode I bring in Podcasting Hall of Famer Rob Walch. My good friend and guest on the show, Elsie Escobar, introduced me to Walch's genius as Podcast Movement 2015. I was riveted by his presentation  - he has his finger on the pulse of podcasting both as a medium and an industry. He is a super smart dude who loves podcasts, podcasting and podcasters. Podcasting is becoming hip. And many podcasters find out that it's a lot...

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Kate O'Donnell

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook with Kate O’Donnell

If you've ever wondered how to streamline nourishing your body with food, you'll love today's conversation with Kate O'Donnell. Kate recently released the The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well. Kate and I found we both teach Ayurveda based on the Gunas instead of the doshas . We find it's an easier way to help people tap into what is happening within their bodies, and an easier tool to move towards...

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Bad Yogi

Bad Yogi + Group Facials with Erin Motz and Stephanie Brown

Learning about the Bad Yogi and Group Facials, I rap with Erin Motz & Stephanie Brown through really interesting and fun conversations. What you’ll get out of tuning in:     You’re already Rich! How you should embrace and enjoy being a Bad Yogi How to get a balanced body, balanced mind and balanced skin. Links: LAC Free Video Erin Motz Website Stephanie Brown’s Website BIO Erin Motz: Erin Motz identifies herself as not your traditional yogi: carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving type. Her aim is to...

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Peter McCoy

Mushrooms Aren’t Tamasic! Fungi Are our Future with Peter McCoy

Classical Ayurveda teaches that mushrooms are tamasic. Its the Chinese who explored the world of the medicinals. And it's modern science meeting industrial technology the is a part of the future of fungi. Listen in as Peter McCoy unpacks the importance of fungi in all past and present humans cultures I rap with Peter McCoy about the future of Fungi. What you’ll get out of tuning in with Peter McCoy The importance of fungi in all past and present...

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