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My Best 10 Career Tips to Grow Your Wellness Practice

My first Ayurvedic Practitioner teacher was Mary Thompson at the California College of Ayurveda (CCA). Mary and I both ended up parking trailers on the land of dear Linsey Richards, who owned a beautiful lot an a tributary to the Yuba River. This particular creek has a spectacular 50 foot waterfall. “I remember the first seeds of Yogahealer that you shared with me in your tiny trailer on Linsey’s property,” recalls Mary,  “I would like to...

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Rewilding Ourselves + Our Kids with Sean Guinan, Holistic Pediatrics 101

Have you heard of rewilding? Rewilding means restoring ancestral ways of living that create greater health and well-being for humans and the ecosystems that we belong to. This is the topic of today’s show with Holistic Pediatric Doctor and father of four, Sean Guinan. We get into the real deal conversation in our own lives with how we are rewilding ourselves and our families, shaping our culture I rap with Sean Guinan about Rewilding Ourselves: Probiotics...

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Get Out of Your Box & into Your Journey with Allie Van Fossen

Allie left her corporate marketing job to get her soul back. Yoga was her key “get out of jail free card.” She stopped numbing herself and starting taking care of her body and her spirit. Soon, The Journey Junkie was born. In this conversation, we talk about why the Yoga and mindfulness movement co-arises with the “follow your calling out of your cubicle” movement. We dive into how to be smart and brave and get the...

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Core Strength from a Centered Body with Donna Farhi

In our obsessive quest for lean, strong cores, we get injured. That’s what world-class Yoga teacher trainer Donna Farhi has discovered from injured Yoga teachers who find their way to her classroom for healing. Donna’s newest book release, Pathways to a Centered Body, coauthored with Leila Stuart and remarkably illustrated by Sonya Rooney, is one of the most important, must-read books on the Yoga of healing back pain. It’s also one of the most in-depth books...

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Unlocking Your Subtle Body Anatomy + Deep Time with Tias Little

Meet Tias Little and his newest book, Yoga of the Subtle Body: A Guide to the Physical and Energetic Anatomy of Yoga. The depth of Tias’s work has already touched many of you. During this episode, Tias describes his fascination with exploring and decoding the Subtle Body. In addition, he gives us a guidebook to know our own technology, our own unending interiors, and the great peace within. When we’re in the world of distraction, we have...

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Jason Nemer on AcroYoga, Trust, Connectivity, + Small, Powerful Communities

Jason Nemer was an acrobat before he co-founded AcroYoga International. In this episode, Jason and I have a natural conversation about Trust, Connectivity, and Small, Powerful Communities. We also talk about what happens when we leave the solitude of our own mats and open the gateways to new levels of human connection, healing, and communication. Jason and I discuss evolutions in both AcroYoga and AcroFit. Our conversation reveals what you can learn from your physical body and...

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