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Acharya Shunya

The Wisdom of Rhythm, Integrity + Dharma with Acharya Shunya

Acharya Shunya was born into an Ayurvedic lineage. Her guru was her grandpa. Her life was Ayurveda from the beginning. Today we talk about her new book- Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. My daughter’s education outside the home has little to do with deep wisdom. It has more to do with practical life skills. She goes to school for math, language training, socialization, a little art. After school she learns gymnastics. I’m sure there is implicit wisdom in...

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Habits of Enlightenment

Habit Evolution + Power of your Constitution

I know that a coach, coaches for a living. I teach them the habits of enlightenment, so they can help their students and everyone around them. If you have the habits of Yogis, we can make amazing progress very fast. If you want to know how to instill the habits of enlightenment in others, this D&D show is definitely for you. I rap about the Habits of Enlightenment + Biohacking + Ayurveda and The Power of...

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Why Meditation Opens Time, Ease, + Inner Trust

Many of us have been doing meditation for a long time. Others of us have not. Why do meditators keep meditating? Why is it hard for some people to start? What is only possible when we give our mind a little breathing room and our awareness some time to soak up beingness. Tom Evans is an ex-BBC TV engineer who became an author, podcast host and meditation guide by accident. His passion is helping people get...

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Deborah Zucker

Deep Health = Kind Voices in your Head with Deborah Zucker

Have you noticed the voices in your head? Have you noticed if they are nice? Would you talk to a friend that way? One way to know you are entering stages of deeper health is the voices become cool to listen to. You hear your brighter future calling to you. You hear love, empathy, joy, and even the voice of silence and stillness. In the few conversations I’ve had with Deborah Zucker I never know where...

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Eating Disorders to Cookbook Writer with Talya’s Kitchen

The more we deepen our path of yoga the more we discover our dharma and our karma. Often with the help of a guide, a guru or a mentor our journey becomes sparkier, more connected, and opportunities just come about. Talya’s story is the healer’s journey - from disconnected to deeply aware, intune. She tells the path she walked from her disconnect with food to her celebration of the senses through Ayurvedic cooking. She is a...

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Katie Krimitsos

Woman, The Emotional Wisdom of Women in Business with Katie Krimitsos

I’m curious about the power of my emotions to fuel my growth. I’m curious because as I rock my small business I notice it’s quite an emotional journey. Big breakthroughs happen as old systems break down. How do we tap into the intelligence of our emotions? How do we enjoy or be in JOY in our ride as women living multifaceted modern lives? This is the conversation today on the D’arma and Dolla’s show with my conversational...

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