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Why I’m Detoxing Next

I hope that you’ve been following along and are naturally entering detox mode. If you're coming with us, it’s important to get clear on why you’re coming and what you want to experience. This will help your body shift into desiring detox—you’ll be ready to ease in for success. The Yogidetox starts tomorrow. If you’re coming with us, sign up now.   >> www.yogidetox.com I detox twice a year no matter what. It’s on my schedule to lead this program—and thank goodness. In today’s final detox-inspired post of this series, I let you know...

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How to Heal your ancestral patterns with Ayurveda with Sarita Rocco

From Maya Tiwari, “Honoring your ancestors is the first step in reclaiming your spiritual heritage. As you begin to recover your ancestral memories, you will also uncover unconscious, troubled memories that prevent you from knowing the truth of who you are. According to the Vedic sages, we humans are the only species which has the power of intuition. Yet too easily we forfeit our sacred birthright and with it the ability to change and grow, create, and strive for inner freedom. We have largely forgotten the joy, love, and wellness...

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