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Awake Living Course

For wellness + Yoga pros for a better career, deeper impact, and a lucrative lifestyle.


Do I Qualify for the Awake Living Course?

Watch the video Is Awake Living the Right Course For Me? below to find out more.

You qualify for the Course if you:

  • Have a strong interest in spiritual or personal growth
  • Aim to live your life on purpose
  • Invest in your personal and professional growth
  • Set goals for yourself and take aligned actions
  • See yourself as a leader or know you have leadership potential
  • Are interested in committing to a dynamic group

This program will work for you if you:

  • Want to achieve goals while living in alignment and integrity
  • Want a system to synchronize your body, your home, and your time with your ambitions
  • Are interested in exploring shadow issues and stuck places in your life
  • Are willing to apply a system to live dharma or personal purpose
  • Sense a pivot or uplevel – either your career, your core relationships, or your time, or your living environment
  • Want to awaken your skills with collective leadership
  • Are willing to free your life of clutter + whatever else is holding you back
  • Are willing to implement the 10 essential daily habits of radiant longevity from Ayurveda.

To see you are a good fit, apply for Awake Living, and talk with a Yogahealer Coach.

What kind of results can I expect to achieve in the Course?

Awake Living is Cate Stillman’s innovative life and dharma design course. The five element theory from Ayurveda is especially sophisticated and honed to help humans evolve in body, culture, spirit and purpose. Each element – space, air, fire, water and earth – beholds an essential power. Awake Living is the course for those who want to accelerate their progress and expand their potential. This course is her guided implementation practice community for her newest book, Master of You (Sounds True, March 2020). Both are based on the ancient 5-element theory from Ayurveda and Yoga, with simple core competencies and action steps to activate personal and collective potential. This work is innovative, futuristic yet ancient, timely and impactful.

Awake Living reconnects you to the five elements to design the future you want to experience. You become skillful in perceiving and directing the five elements, steering toward your ambitions—daily, seasonally, annually, and through the stages of your life. Simultaneously, the Awake Living Course awakens your joy, ease, creativity, health, and relationships. Through developing your hidden powers of space, earth, fire, air, and water, you captain your life from your soul. Your identity, your sense of time, your dharma will expand. You will expand and make a deep shift from unconscious stress to purposeful ease.

In the Awake Living Course, you will befriend the elements as you activate your hero’s or heroine’s journey into your unique creative potential, your dharma. Cate and the Awake Living Mentors guide you through synchronizing your home, your body, your vision, and your time so you can experience a life of flow and integrity in fulfilling your ambition.

Awake Living is a complete revolution in personal growth that will help you:

  • Ignite your dharma (unique purpose)
  • Take back your time
  • Empower your home and your habits
  • Deepen your personal integrity
  • Awaken your potential
  • Guide you into a system to experience ongoing dynamic evolution

To see you are a good fit, apply for Awake Living, and talk with a Yogahealer Coach.

How does the Awake Living Course + Community work?

Watch the Overview of Awake Living below.

Our Awake Living Course and Community are dynamic learning in a global community at its best. The Awake Living course includes multiple live sessions for dynamic coaching each month. Access to members, mentors and certified Yogahealer Coaches guarantees your involvement and success.

This is a general timeline of live events:

  • Monthly Live Coaching Workshop with Cate on Implementation
  • Weekly access to Body Thrive Coaching Sessions with Cate + the Body Thrive Team
  • Bi monthly Office Hours with Kaitlin Lacey
  • Bi-monthly Coaching Gyms with course mentors
  • Mastermind Group meetups (optional)

Weekly lessons are how you learn the Awake Living Curriculum:

  • Weekly video lessons (10-30 minutes)
  • Weekly Emails unpacking the video lessons (5 minutes reading)
  • Workbook activities (30-60 minutes)
  • Reading assignments from Master of You (advance copy) + other books

Dynamic community is a pillar of our methodology at Yogahealer. Live coaching sessions are always interactive. Community is paramount on the path of evolution. Ask any healthy person about their peer network. Listen, and then, you’ll understand the massive benefit of embedding yourself in a high-quality peer network.

To help you be successful on this journey there are: live coaching sessions and Coaching Workshops with Cate, office hours and Coaching Gyms with your course coaches. A very active online Forum is specific to our Awake Living Community.

The Awake Living Mastermind Group is an option that we strongly encourage as part of your course. We help you get into a Mastermind group, and supply your group with a specific outline to help you implement your dharma goals. You may also choose to engage an accountability partner.

We practice “laser coaching” during weekly coaching calls because it’s easier to learn when someone else is being coached. When we’re in the “hot seat” being coached, we’re often resisting or blocking the wisdom being handed to us. Being coached in the group setting allows other members to hold us accountable to the growth we’re trying to achieve.

To see you are a good fit, apply for Awake Living, and talk with a Yogahealer Coach.

What are the key components of Awake Living?

Awake Living is a strategic implementation course guided by Cate as the Head Coach. Throughout the course, you will be checking off boxes like these and building skills to serve you for a lifetime. You can view more details in the course curriculum map.

Master of Space (Home)

  • You design your spaces intentionally to improve your mental clarity, focus, intuition, and clairvoyance.
  • You shape your space to guide and support the habits you want next, making habit evolution a breeze.
  • You seasonally organize and refresh your spaces.
  • Your spaces reflect your values and your personal ethos.
  • You have no clutter, resulting in an energetic efficiency from desire to action.
  • All of your possessions add value, meaning, and direction to your life.
  • When in your spaces, you feel ease, rejuvenation, creativity, and expansiveness.

Master of Fire (Ambition)

  • You author your life.
  • You align your life goals for deeper purpose and meaning, repeatedly expanding beyond who you have already been.
  • You invest your time up front in vision, strategy, and planning to meet your goals.
  • You investigate the critical issues between you and your goals.
  • You build a strategy based on your critical issues.
  • You reverse-engineer a plan with milestones, aligned actions, and habits that lead to your vision.
  • You are able to radically develop capacities, skills, and relationships and evolve your identity in line with your goals.

Master of Air (Time)

  • You align your body rhythms and the projects that lead to your goals into calendar.
  • You don’t wait until you feel ready: you do the activities scheduled on your calendar.
  • You avoid distraction and multitasking.
  • You master the daily rhythm of deep rejuvenation and peak performance through blocking your calendar into free time, focus time, and buffer blocks.
  • You create strategic relationships, such as receiving coaching, exchanging mentoring, or delegating tasks, to move your goals forward.
  • You schedule time for annual, quarterly, weekly, and daily planning to tune in to the vision and align your actions.
  • You have alignment meetings with yourself, your family, and coworkers to structure the week ahead.

Master of Water (Integrity and Flow)

  • You follow your desire, even when it leads through difficult terrain, seeking to understand the challenges within your next dharma.
  • You are willing to become who it takes—to expand your capacities and integrity.
  • You understand that your next level of personal growth is rooted in your next depth of character.
  • You determine the high-impact, low-effort activities that pave an efficient path to the work that needs to be done next.
  • You generate opportunities to add more value or exchange more value in your life, which generates financial fluency.
  • When challenges arise, you nourish yourself with healing breath-body practices.

Master of Earth (Body)

  • Uplevel your body habits for refined, committed attunement to dharma.
  • You befriend and strengthen your body rhythms of rhythmic eating, moving, and sleeping.
  • Your bones are carrying the right amount of muscle and fat for you at this stage of your life.
  • You have strong digestion that lends to stable energy a focused mind, positive emotions, and deep sleep.
  • You expand your daily repertoire of functional movement.
  • You take movement breaks a few times a day, rather than or in addition to “working out.”
  • You consistently improve and refine your habits to optimize your future body and power your next purpose.

If you are curious about your dharma and your dreams – you can schedule a free Dream Session with a Yogahealer Coach.

How long is the Course?

For new members total experience is 15 months.
For experienced Body Thrive Course members Awake Living is 12 months.

  • Body Thrive: 3 months
  • Awake Living: 12 months
  • Total: 15 months

When a member signs up for Awake Living, first they get access to Body Thrive. The reason is that the habits mentored in Body Thrive set the stage for the curriculum in Awake Living. If you’ve already been a member of Body Thrive, you can start your 12 months in Awake Living immediately. *You will have access to Body Thrive for 12 months, or overlapping 12 months of Awake Living. This way you access Cate’s live coaching multiple times per month.

To see you are a good fit, apply for Awake Living, and talk with a Yogahealer Coach.

What happens if I can’t make the live coaching sessions?

All of our live sessions are available to watch or listen within 24 hours, and usually sooner. We do encourage you to make at least two live sessions per month, as we notice that those who come live get results faster!

Who is Cate Stillman?

Cate Stillman was recently named in the Top 100 Trailblazers in Yoga + Ayurveda by Spirituality & Health Magazine. Since 2001 at, Cate has generated unique online offerings to help clients, yoga students, and yoga teachers experience health and career breakthroughs around the globe.

Cate is known for her ability to enable wellness providers to grasp and implement the necessary tools and strategies for their unique success, and her ability to teach her members how to build community through dynamic groups. Her students adore her ability to tune in, her quick wit, humor, ethics and laser sharp coaching.

She authored a quintessential book on the habits of Ayurveda called Body Thrive, and is releasing her second book, Master of YOU, in 2020. Her two podcasts: The Yogahealer Real Life Show and Yoga Health Coaching podcast spread the message of personal and planetary thrive, uniting our global community conversation.

Cate and her husband are raising their daughter in a life-learning lifestyle and are based in Alta, Wyoming and Punta Mita, Mexico.

Who will be my coaches and mentors?

Awake Living Team Leader: Rachel Peters

Meet Rachel. She is a Yoga Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, mom and wife. After 20 years of working in an administrative support role at a liberal arts college and teaching yoga part-time, she finally got the clarity, vision and confidence to transition into coaching and teaching full-time.

Yoga, Ayurveda and daily lifestyle habits have been the foundation for her to live life in greater alignment. As an original member of Yoga Health Coaching and an active leader in Awake Living, Rachel continually grows her income and her lifestyle goals year over year. As an entrepreneur, mother of a young son and married to an active husband, she has a deep desire for connection and ambition to grow her business and a longing to nourish herself and her family. She is thrilled to be here supporting you on your path towards Awake Living as she continues to experiment and apply the habits and practices alongside you.

Awake Living Mentor: Kaitlin Lacey

Kaitlin Lacey is an avid life hack experimenter, and is very excited to work on both radical transformative practices and tiny kaizen changes with the Awake Living group!

Kaitlin’s professional background includes yoga, small business, finance, ayurveda, technology, energy healing, and management of people, process, and projects. She loves combining these to create synergy, and finds magic in the marriage of practical and spiritual.

Kaitlin lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Grant, toddler Delia, and cat Tulip.

Awake Living Mentor: Heather Stoken

Heather Lives her most awake life in Portland, OR with her husband, son, and large garden. In her work she combines experience as a Yoga Health Coach, Yoga teacher and herbalist to help impact others health and lifestyles.

In awake living she brings her unique mix of organization, creativity and humor to help hold a flashlight on the growth path were all on.



Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans. Visit this page here. We also encourage you to explore how to invest in yourself as part of this process. Watch the videos in this section: Invest In Yourself:

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