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The #1 Dharma Course based on the 5 Elements of Ayurveda for those wanting to take their life up a notch and
activate their greater purpose.

Based on Cate Stillman’s newest book… Master of You
(Release March 2020): A Five-Point System to Synchronize Your Body, Your Home and Your Time…. with your Ambitions.

Dharma is the duty to live the life that only you can live. Dharma will access all of your unique genius, life experience, skills, assets and resources to become only who YOU can become. We believe that living a life of purpose, aligned action with dharma, leads you to become the greatest version of yourself.

The One Year Awake Living Course:
Align your Life to a Deeper Purpose and Greater Results. Take back your time, refine your space, increase your capacity, and live a life of dharma.

Cate’s Awake Living Course is for people committed to a growth path who want to synchronize their body, their home and their time with their ambitions. This is a dharma, or life-purpose course, that is innovative, and practical for you to invent your life in line with your goals. That’s a lot. And that’s where we shine.

What happens in the Awake Living Course:

  • Empower your dharma directly from the 5 elements
  • Align your home to your dharma
  • Take Back Your Time
  • Being part of an intimate Dharma Mastermind Group
  • Uplevel your integrity and deepen your capacity for a greater purpose
  • Systematically steer your next personal Identity Evolution
  • Learn effective strategy for reaching higher goals
  • Deepen your personal integrity
  • AYURVEDA Habits Training

Awake Living is Cate Stillman’s innovative life and dharma design course. The five-element theory from Ayurveda is especially sophisticated and honed to help humans evolve in body, culture, spirit and purpose. Each element – space, air, fire, water, and earth – behold an essential power. Awake Living is the course for those who want to accelerate their progress and expand their potential.

This course is her guided implementation practice community for her newest book, Master of You (Sounds True, March 2020). Both are based on the ancient 5-element theory from Ayurveda and Yoga, with simple core competencies and action steps to activate personal and collective potential. This work is innovative, futuristic yet ancient, timely and impactful.

Awake Living reconnects you to the five elements to design the future you want to experience. You become skillful in perceiving and directing the five elements, steering toward your ambitions—daily, seasonally, annually, and through the stages of your life. Simultaneously, the Awake Living Course awakens your joy, ease, creativity, health, and relationships. Through developing your hidden powers of space, earth, fire, air, and water, you captain your life from your soul. Your identity, your sense of time, your dharma will expand. You will expand and make a deep shift from unconscious stress to purposeful ease.

In the Awake Living Course, you will befriend the elements as you activate your hero’s or heroine’s journey into your unique creative potential, your dharma. Cate and the Awake Living Mentors guide you through synchronizing your home, your body, your vision, and your time so you can experience a life of flow and integrity in fulfilling your ambition.

Overview of Cate Stillman’s
Awake Living Course

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about the Awake Living Course Experience?

Here is how it happens:

First, you start with a quarter (12 weeks) of Body Thrive. You’ll be mentored to deepen your habits to build resilience and capacity for dharma.

After your first quarter of Body Thrive, you’ll start your year long training with Cate + the Awake Living Mentors. You’ll receive a webinar lesson per week, and access to multiple live sessions each month.

You’ll become part of an Awake Living Mastermind group. Each group has 3-6 Awake Living Members, and a specific session forward and groundrules to give your group traction. Youll work through the Awake Living Workbook and help each other accelerate your growth.


The Awake Living Course will bring you through a complete evolutionary revolution into your dharma.

Who you are will expand.
Your sense of time will expand.
Your dharma will expand.
You will expand.

And, more fundamentally, you’ll make a deep shift from stress to ease. Sometimes our stress is sublte.

It’s below the surface, buried in a busy world,

a busy life.

If you crave more time, more space, less to do…

If your inner abundance and outer abundance are out of sync….

If your body needs an overhaul to age well, you have landed on the right webpage. I’m glad we’ve connected.

My name is Cate Stillman and I’m the creatrix behind the Awake Living Course, founder of, the Yogidetox, and Author of Body Thrive. Author of Master of You (release 2020)

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