Ayurveda in Your Yoga Class

Ayurveda in Your Yoga Class

3 Problems… or opportunities for you to be way above average

  1. Many of us aren’t taught the importance of the off-the-mat habits that accelerate the on-the-mat improvement for our students… So we don’t know how to teach them.
  2. We don’t really know WHAT OUR STUDENTS ARE COMING TO US FOR.
  3. We don’t have solid feedback mechanisms to find out this information.

In this podcast we talk about what they want; what they really really want!

The top five reasons people come to yoga are:

  1. Improved flexibility
  2. General conditioning
  3. Relief from stress
  4. Improved fitness
  5. Improved overall health

Yoga will help with all of these things but massive benefits can only be seen by looking at what goes on off the mat. Students who are looking for the benefits outlined above, need to develop daily habits which allow them to thrive. This is where Ayurveda can help.

These students are desperate. They need your help. Often they don’t have the time to work out their own solutions they need a fix and they are willing to pay you to fix it for them. So if you aren’t earning what you want to earn, you have a lot to learn that I can teach you.

I’ve made a great living helping ordinary students who come to yoga get their deeper needs met without needing to become advanced yoga students.

Listen in to the Podcast and I’ll walk you through how you can create the real transformations your students are looking for.