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BOOM! Your Life Just Changed

BOOM! Your Life Just Changed

I had no idea this would happen…

Truth be told, I was on the plane returning from Mexico 12 days ago. I’m in a phase of growing my intuitive body wisdom.

We all know the holidays present massive growth opportunities.

Hopefully, we are with people who have known us most of our lives.

Hopefully, there is an abundance of deliciousness.

Hopefully, we can take a break from ordinary life.

And… for me, I get in touch with the traditions of my family. Now, some of these traditions inherently support this phase I’m in – this phase of growing my intuitive body wisdom. Granted, I started studying Ayurveda and Yoga professionally in 1998 -so I’m not exactly green when it comes to a phase of growing my intuitive body wisdom.

So, on the plane back from Mexico I was looking forward. I was wanting to challenge myself to not just maintain the body integrity I had leaving Mexico… I wanted to uplevel my body integrity while being with core people, in an abundance of deliciousness and taking a break from ordinary life.

(Below is an image I took in the elevator the day before leaving my condo at the beach in Mexico).

So, I created the Challenge that I knew I needed to do to make that happen.

Then, in a gutsy move, I made the Challenge into a Yogahealer Challenge, and made it public. I made the investment do-able. Ridiculously affordable for a month long guided challenge. Anyone who has taken a course with me knows I overdeliver when it comes to excellent content, community and a truly guided experience.

We now have 236 people in my Yogahealer Challenge. We started on the Solstice. We’re going strong. The forum is hopping. The Challengers are doing it. The Challengers are leading themselves into a better holiday experience. A few Challengers are also noticing instant better alignment with their family. Truly, it’s cool to be a part of.

Start Here

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that we have open enrollment for the challenge now through January 1. And that we’re going though January 21.

This is quite the gift to give your future self. You’ll feel amazing on January 21. And you’ll have a different imprint on the traditions you want to perpetuate into your future. With yourself. With your core people.


P.S. Here is the link to check it out. I promise this isn’t a weight loss challenge. Our community often needs more rejuvenation and rewilding than restrictions on food. This is about discovering and developing your body wisdom, your intuition, and your vision for the next chapter of your life. And it’s all levels.