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How Your Doshas Support Your Dharma

How Your Doshas Support Your Dharma

We are up to the challenge of this lifetime. We own our constitution. We intuit our dharma. The world is our oyster. Or – we have another reality where we cave to our weaknesses. We overexploit our strengths. We end up in a pain cave. And what we want is always out of reach.
On today’s episode you learn how to support your dharma with your constitution.

You’re already rich!

You have self-reflective awareness! the yogis call this Prakasha-Vimarsha

What you’ll get out of Dharma & Doshas by tuning in

  • How to increase Satori moments
  • How to navigate Kensho moments
  • Dana Skoglund and I rap about how knowing your constitution can support your dharma



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