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Edible Wild Plants and Ayurveda: Discover the Medicinal Plants Outside Your Door

Edible Wild Plants and Ayurveda: Discover the Medicinal Plants Outside Your Door

Wild plants taste wild. My favorite edible invasive weed, as many of you know, is Thistle. Wild edible plants grow in your ecosystem. What is the connection between edible plants, your immune system and allergies? Listen to this podcast – to get the health, nutritional and medicinal benefits of wild edible plants.

When you connect to wild plants the inner ecosystem of your body and your outer ecosystem reintegrate.You rewild yourself. As a result – you are smarter, have more energy, and a larger sphere of care.  Wild plants are life. Their life force is 10x that which is in the grocery store.  So, know about them and consume them for availing your health benefits.

Why Listen?

  • Know the edible invasives in your ‘hood  
  • How are the invasive weeds actually the permaculture plants? 
  • Why you want nutrition density AND nutrition diversity
  • How to harvest and eat thistle… and why you want to
  • How to taste the six tastes to better get to know a plant
  • The connection between edible plants, your immune system and allergies
  • Why learning 2 new plants a year… every year… is the key to nutrient diversity.

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Show Highlights:

  • Anything that is bitter green has anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Thistle takes its nutrition from deep down the layers of soil, exceeding 30 feet. 
  • Thistle after dying adds minerals to amend the top soil.
  • Plant chemicals or phyto-chemicals are yet to be discovered. 
  • How to make your own dried green powder –
  • Blend thistle with water, coconut water, apple or lemon. Strain – and you have a lovely thistle juice! –
  • Thistle is helpful for bone density with calcium.
  • You can develop taste for anything you want to like.


  • Importance of Baby Thistle- 33:01
  • Nutrients in Thistle- 37:33
  • The Six Tastes- 43:30
  • The Different Plants- 49:05
  • The Allergy Relief Workshop Link- 01:10:16


  • Judeo-Christian Culture Believed, “Man Over Nature”
  • “There is no species of Thistle that is Not Edible”, Cate Stillman.
  • “Young thistle is like a baby elephant, as there is nothing baby-like about It”, Cate Stillman.
  •  “Wild plants taste wild”, Cate Stillman
  • “A Little Dirt in Green Leaves, Goes A Long Way
  • “The Older the Plant is, the More Medicinal it is”
  • “You Will Always See A Ton of Chickweed”
  • “The More You Eat your Ecosystem, The More It Becomes your Physiology”
  • “Allergy is Optional”
  • “Wild is Full of Life Force”

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