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How to Become a Wellness Expert from your Wellness Expertise

How to Become a Wellness Expert from your Wellness Expertise

Denise Ackert - Better Parenting + AYurveda

Meet Denise… who just may want to step into her Wellness Expertise to help parents become Better Parents!

I had this super terrific idea when my friend Denise was visiting. Denise was a guest on my podcast about Becoming a Better Parent. I wrote about her in my last newsletter. I wrote about how it was time for her to take all of her wellness expertise and create her own signature program for income and impact.

p.s. She was asking me that question in the first place. She was asking me for career advice. By now, you know I love to make my conversations public. When she showed up on my scene by the Mexico seashore last week, I was just about to release my How to Build Your Signature Program Infographic. I had an epiphany. I called a few peeps who had invested in my guidance for this same process. I have them share directly with Denise, live on the line, what happened to them in the process.

Denise volunteered to do this and have her process broadcast to the world. I love how my homies let me in and get their story out to the world. Listen in to Denise, Tanya, and Adena… as we explore the best business model ever for the non-flashy wellness experts that we are.signature program leadbox image, become a wellness expert

In this podcast I talk about:

  • How your expertise + your story makes you an Expert
  • Designing your career around your future lifestyle
  • Making the jump to invest in a better business model

What I mention in this Episode:

Links from the Conversation:


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