In all the wrong places

In all the wrong places

I used to look to my husband to support my meditation practice. Not just support, but foster, boost, amplify, etc. One of my Integral friends pointed out to me that my husband didn’t feel the drive to meditate as strongly as I did – therefore he didn’t meditate as much as I was desiring to meditate myself. Funny place to look for support.

Now you might think I could have figured that out for myself, but you would be wrong.

My shift in where to look for support in new frontiers of development, enlightenment, etc. took someone else pointing it out. As this person already embodied the changes I was wanting for myself, he could help support me in getting there. Brilliant.

So this week, I found myself giving the same advice. If you want to start meditating – find some meditators. If you want to start eating healthier – begin frequenting organic food stores and notice what the healthiest looking people there  are dropping into their baskets. If you want  friends who do yoga and therefore will support your budding practice- start going to yoga class regularly.  You’ll meet people even without trying to meet people simply by being around them. Consciously change where you are looking for support to places where this support is already in place.



Cate Stillman
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  • Kate
    Posted at 2 August 2010

    That’s so true! Reminds me of that Douglas Brooks-ism- you become the company you keep, so keep good company. (not suggesting that W isn’t good company, of course!)

  • cate stillman
    Posted at 2 August 2010

    Great to hear from you, Kate!
    Peggy Profant (Certified ANusara Yoga – N. CA) sent the same comment to my email.

    But this I think is the difference. WInston is excellent company and even embodies many of the qualities meditation renders (ease, openness, flow, awareness, presence). For me to actively involve myself in meditation-oriented communities, however, ultimately has been the source of deepening meditation in action for me.

    Jacob Griscom’s recent blog gets into a deeper understanding of the four quadrants, if you’re interested:


  • Steve Haase
    Posted at 3 August 2010

    Totally, Cate. It’s such a simple point, but couldn’t have a bigger impact on our lives. Our relationships and communities are what shape us, just as our actions and involvement shape them. And we get/give different things in different relationships, as you pointed out. So it’s a dynamic that’s always at play in our lives. Thanks for bringing it to light with your post.

  • admin
    Posted at 5 August 2010

    beautifully said. amen.

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