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Body Thrive – ebook


Body Thrive applies the most essential teachings of Ayurveda into a modern life by decoding the teachings into habits. Ayurveda is the perennial body wisdom tradition that co-arose with yoga, the path of living awake. Here lies a simple body habits curriculum that every person can learn as a child, master as an adult, and refine as an elder for their body to thrive.
Simple Habits to Uplevel Your Body Your Life from Ayurveda

  • Learn 10 habits in 10 weeks from Ayurveda.
  • Learn the basics of behavioral science to uplevel your habits.
  • Learn how to change your habits in relationships.
  • Simple, effective strategy to get better sleep, more energy, and more nutrients.


How this book works:

  • 10 habits. 10 weeks.
  • Grab a friend and do it together – the book club guide is in the book.

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