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How to Be a Successful Yoga Teacher or Studio Owner


What is Missing in Your Yoga Career?
Each week I talk to very skilled yoga teacher professionals. I’ve been touched by their care, their wisdom, their drive, their skill. Yet something is missing.

What is missing?

Often, they don’t know how they can offer the most transformational value to their students. There are gaps. Gaps in their student’s commitment. Gaps in using technology and using physical space. Gaps in product development to guide students, to lead your locals into a truly transformative life. Gaps are gold mines of opportunity. In this book, I’ll mine for the gaps where you are leaving both client results and money on the table. When you close those gaps, you’ll be doing the best work of your life, have the flexibility you want in your lifestyle, and be growing towards financial freedom. You’ll get my best, current insights.

I’m known for being a very financially successful yoga teacher and wellness community developer – both locally and online. I’m also known for telling you exactly how it is. I’m a futurist in the field of guiding transformative lives with yoga and Ayurveda, with over 20 years at the helm of Yogahealer. I love to be helpful to yoga teachers and studio owners, as I’ve been both. If you aren’t living your dream, you are less of an asset to your teaching community. You need to thrive – personally, professionally, and financially. If that is your goal, read on.